• Image of Natural Tooth Powder- Cinnamon - Bicarb & Essential oil Free

100% Natural and vegan remineralising tooth powder. Created to boost and maintain your oral health and wellness naturally!

Formulated with the finest eco cert clays, food grade calcium carbonate and Himalayan salts which help to balance oral ph levels, remineralise enamel and provide antibacterial and antiseptic properties to help prevent the formation of plaque and tartar while boosting you with beneficial minerals such as calcium, silica, magnesium and more!

Free from sls, gluten, glycerine, fluroide and parabens!

This is a great variety to use for people who are not keen strong flavours or children, it is flavoured with a little cinnamon powder which adds just subtle taste and isn't over powering.

To Use

Add a pinch of powder to your wet tooth brush and brush your teeth normally, you will feel the water and powder naturally create a paste leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed!

Do not add water to the tub. (We like to use a little spoon to scoop out some clay and dip our toothbrush in to the spoon)

Listing is for one reusable glass jar with 70g of toothpower. A little goes a long way and you'll find this big tub will last you a long time!

Suitable for children ages 3 and over

Calcium Carbonate (food grade) Montmorillonite Clay, Kaolin clay, Sodium Bicarbonate (aluminium free) Xylitol, Cinnamomum verum (organic cinnamon powder) Himalayan Rock Salt .